Abbey Fishponds, 6th October 2018

Eleven of us assembled in Hadland Road to help Marjorie and Lucy from Earth Trust on the Abbey Fishponds Nature Reserve. We were also joined by Mike from the Abbey Fishponds group. 

Unfortunately the day was cold and drizzly, but Green Gymmers carry on regardless!

The Earth Trust Thursday group had already cut large areas of reeds, so there was a lot of raking and stacking to do. There was a willow tree to be pruned and vegetation to be cut back from the public footpath along the edge of the reserve. Adrian was zooming along here with a hedge trimmer, so it was hard to keep up with him when clearing the heaps.

We were glad to have our tea break, and despite the rain getting heavier, most of us managed to work until the end of the session and we were pleased with how much work we had done.

Marjorie and Joan pruning the willow.

Adrian trimming.

Ursula lopping.

Graham raking.

Lucy pitchforking. 

A wet tea break.


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