Abbey Fishponds, 7th April 2018

This Saturday we were working at Abbey Fishponds under the direction of Lucy from the Earth Trust. We were also joined by some Earth Trust/ Abbey Fishponds volunteers. 

Apart from a few spots of rain early on, the weather stayed dry. There were several tasks. One was to dig out the boggy areas on the path through the middle of the reserve and fill them with the rubble (from the demolished house at Thrupp Lake), then cover them with soil again. This would help with drainage. 

There was also cut grass from the Radley Road end of the site to be raked and piled up, litter to be picked up and some brambles to be cut back. We set to work on our chosen tasks. 

There was far more litter than expected at the Radley Road end. We think someone may have been camping out there at some point and certainly whole bags of rubbish had been dumped, We even found a T.V. aerial. 

Digging out and filling the wet areas was hard work, but the task was completed by tea break time and by the end of the session, all the cut grass had been raked up. It was good to see a few butterflies, including a brimstone, and several bumble bees, so maybe Spring is here at last.

Tea break.

The repaired path.


More raking!

Litter picking.

The Earth Trust trailer.


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