Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 24th June 2017

This Saturday was a joint session with Sonning Common Green Gym, the first Green Gym to be set up. We welcomed four Sonning Common Green Gymmers to help us clear the acres of Himalayan Balsam to be found on this site so there were eighteen of us in all.

We split into four groups to go to different areas plus a group of litter pickers – there is always a large amount of litter to be found here as people seem to think it perfectly acceptable to buy their food and drink at Tesco and discard the packaging along the path and in the woods on the way home.

The Himalayan Balsam in the ditch was the hardest to get at as the bottom of the ditch was filled with shallow water and treacherous squelchy mud. It was also a very daunting sight in the wooded area on the way to New Cut Mill, stretching as far as the eye could see. One of the Sonning Common members had an unfortunate encounter with a wasps’ nest while working on the banks of the Ock, but carried on bravely after the break.

We marked the break with plenty of cake and biscuits, including delicious muffins made by Carolyn. Then it was back to work and we were very grateful for the extra help.

Fortunately we have another session on this site in July and there is still more to be done.  Sonning Common told us to watch out for special events and activities in 2018 as it will be their 20th anniversary.

HB by the Ock.

Lesley litter picking.

HB in the woods.

Sharing the biscuits.

Enjoying the break.

Members of Abingdon and Sonning Common Green Gyms (photo by Julia Booker).


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