Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 29th April 2017

Our final session for April was held at the Tesco End of the Ock Valley Walk.  Leader Margaret had taken a wander around the area before we commenced in order to see what the state of play was with the path and surroundings, and therefore to identify our tasks for the morning.

We transported our tools and tea kit from the car park by the Barclays building across the zebra crossings at the entrance to the Tesco store, to our base camp at the beginning of the path.  Margaret then briefed us on what was to be done and we then divided up and got to work.

As always here, a litter pick was required, although the vegetation had grown up significantly since our last visit and the rubbish was somewhat hidden.  Nevertheless, there was still plenty to collect, including a Tesco trolley that Andrew and James rescued from the river, before returning it to the supermarket.

While a number of beautiful spring flowers had appeared in amongst the stinging nettles, the Himalayan Balsam was also evident.  This meant that the majority of our number were assigned to clear every Green-Gymmer's favourite invasive plant!  Before the Balsam grows to maturity it can be a tricky business to weed it out, but eliminating the seedlings will hopefully reduce it's proliferation later in the season.  We will of course return in a few weeks time to continue with this epic task!

The meeting point.

Margaret instructs the group while introducing the Himalayan Balsam plant to our newer members.

Jack-by-the-Hedge or Garlic Mustard.

The recovered shopping trolley.

Balsam picking gets underway.


James clears the edges of the path.

Cuckoo Flower.


Cow Parsley bordering the path. 



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