Cothill Fen, 10th December 2016

Our last session of 2016 already and back to Cothill Fen for the second week running!  We were here to continue with the tasks that had kept us occupied on the previous visit. Primarily to remove the recently-felled trees from the fen itself to piles at the perimeter, while another group was tasked with reed cutting and raking/stacking at the far end of the site.

Although it had been dry when we assembled in the car park, no sooner had we walked down the lane to the fen itself than it began to spot with rain.  As the morning progressed, the rain got heavier - to the extent that we got a reasonable soaking.  Not to worry, there was considerable motivation to keep us going, namely the annual Christmas dinner in the Merry Miller pub afterwards.  

From the outset, it looked like we had much to keep us busy before thoughts could turn towards luncheon.  There was quite a considerable brash pile to deal with.  Fortunately, our numbers were sufficent enough to give us a decent chance.  We organised ourselves so that some cut the trees into smaller sections with bow-saws and loppers, while others carried the cuttings to the existing piles.  It was rather wet underfoot, so it was decided that some of the larger logs should be laid-down to form makeshift paths to improve our efficiency.  A chain-gang was then established to transport the wood from the fen to the piles.  Teamwork!  We encountered the occasional frog and a mouse to distract us momentarily, but otherwise we worked with plenty of determination.

By the soggy teabreak, we were well on our way to dealing with the brash.  Thus, afterwards a few more bodies were assigned to the reed raking detail.  Indeed, as soaked as we may have been, by the end of the session we had achieved our aims.  The only problem now was how to dry ourselves off in order to look presentable for lunch!  

A rabble of twenty-one, wet, and slightly weary Green Gymmers assembled at our booked table at the Merry Miller, and following a brief speech by our chairman, Kevin, and some Christmas Crackers, we tucked into some delicious food.  

That is our programme over with for another year and we will resume operations at our AGM on the 7th January.

Unloading the tools

Judy Webb instructs the group upon arrival.

The felled trees to remove (photo taken during the previous session!)

Off to work we go...


Pondering our next move.


A makeshift path.

A common frog.

Kevin at work with a bow saw.

Adrian and Judy on the reed cutting and raking detail.

A soggy teabreak.

Soaked-through but determined!

One of the wood piles.

Looking back across the fen.

Preparing for departure.

Finally, the Christmas meal!


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