Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden, Boars Hill, 30th January 2016

Abingdon Green Gym is nothing if not an all-weather group. Here we are assembling on Saturday 30th January at Elizabeth Daryush Memorial Garden at Boars Hill near Oxford. Margaret is leader and our tasks are cutting bamboo, dead branches and brash to make a dead hedge. It is cold and drizzling slightly but the forecast is good and we are up for it!

Ursula sets a good example. This is where the hedge needs to be. It will make a good habitat for wildlife.

“Nothing to be alarmed about!” says James, “You just need the right kit for the job”.

Lesley deals with a pile of brushwood. The task is to incorporate it into a defining hedge.

Christine shows how to keep warm on a cold winter’s day. Progress is definitely being made in reducing the tangle of brushwood.

Dieuwke and Carolyn. “Surely it can’t be coffee time already?”

Janet demonstrates virtuosity with the loppers. Once the brushwood has gone, the native wildflowers will have a chance.

One final push – it’s beginning to come together and is definitely starting to look like a hedge.

What a mixture. Bamboo, brambles, dead wood, cuttings. But it’s definitely a hedge, AND the sun is shining!



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