Cothill Fen, 10th October 2015

It was back to Cothill Fen on a mild, yet somewhat overcast autumnal morning. We were here to continue our operations on this wetland site.  

Working under the direction of Judy Webb as previously, we split into groups to variously rake up and stack cut reeds and trim back sprouting alder shoots from felled trees.  There was also some slashing to be done to re-instate the footpath around the site perimeter.

We were pleased to welcome two new members along, Philippa and Ben and along with the remainder of the group, we numbered fourteen. A decent enough assembly to achieve plenty.

Being October, there were many mushrooms and fungi to see. Indeed, the site has rather a honey fungus epidemic, very evident on this occasion. There were also many devil's bit scabious wild flowers apparent.  It is a joy to witness the fen throughout the seasons with something different on display on each visit.

The party assembles
Judy instructs
Lopper action
Honey fungus around a tree stump
Downed tools
A fine fungal display
Devil's bit scabious in flower
Kevin and James in the reedbed
The raked area
Honey fungus abound
Some of the fungi found on site


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