AGM,10th January 2015

The Abingdon Green Gym's first activity of 2015 was the AGM.  This was once again held at James and Ursula's house.  The majority of our regular members were in attendance, with only a handful of apologies to announce.

Chaired by James, the meeting was was thorough, and included a review of the past year's activities, a financial report from our treasurer, Sally, and our plans for the year ahead.  

We have done well in the past 12 months in attracting new members and look forward to building upon our recent successes.  Thus there were discussions on additional requirements for tools and first aid kit supplies as well as funding ideas.

We rattled through the agenda at a good pace with some great input from those present.  We were finished after two hours, and so onto the main event - the buffet lunch!  Food had been contributed from all present and a wonderful spread it was too.  Once again, Eleanor's legendary meringues were star of the show, with homemade salads & bread and Barry's apple strudels also particularly delicious.

Thanks to James and Ursula for hosting and we all look forward to a great 2015.

Ursula, James and Barry

Sally, Eleanor and Lesley peruse the agenda

Robert, Margaret, Janet and Petra mid-meeting

The savory side of the buffet

Lesley, Kevin and Robert get stuck in!


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