Frilford Heath Golf Club, 22nd November 2014

The Green Gym headed to Frilford Heath Golf Club for this Saturday's session.  As usual at this site, the main task was the raking and clearing of the Fen.

Once we had negotiated the Fairways of the Golf course with no mishaps, it was down to the Fen with a few quick instructions from site supervisor, Alison as to what needed doing.  The weather was cloudy with the odd shower - one which curtailed our Coffee break and made us get back to work.

Judy our fungi expert in residence collected many different types to show us, and these were in just the area we were working.

We also had some new faces Kate and Erin, who did some sterling work with the raking and clearing the reeds.

The Fen covers about the size of a football pitch and is obviously quite boggy but not quite to the same extent as one of our other regular worksites at Cothill. The first half of the session saw remarkable progress in clearing the reeds and after the revitalising Tea/Coffee break and biscuits we managed to all but complete the task, leaving about a 5th to finish off next time.

It was a hard mornings work so no one objected to us stopping 10 minutes early for Judy to show us the collection of Fungi with the most marvellous names and smells.


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