Southern Town Park, 18th October 2014

We are very fortunate to have so many parks, playing fields and and playgrounds in Abingdon.  The football club in Lambrick Way is known well enough to parents of children who play football, but beyond that is a semi wild area with some playground equipment and a BMX trail and plenty of space to kick a ball around or walk the dog.  Just please, please put your doggy bags into the bins provided (or take them home) they will not decompose.

We had the luxury of a picnic table for our tea break and worked in the fenced areas of tree plantations, clearing brambles which threaten to overwhelm the young trees. Also there is always plenty of litter to pick up, and we did well filling at least four sacks from all areas, including the margins of the football field.

In the intermittent bursts of sunshine, wet berries glistened and trees glowed with bright yellows and reds against a stormy indigo sky. Our party of eight was lucky not to get wet, especially Robert who came all the way from Wheatley on his bicycle.


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