Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ock Valley Walk, Tesco End, 5th July 2014

With rain falling at breakfast time it didn't bode well for Saturday's session at the Tesco end of the Ock Valley Walk.  Fortunately however, it had stopped by time we got to our usual spot to decamp our equipment.

We could see that the flooding in the winter had contributed to considerable plant growth in the area, in particular, a large amount of stinging nettles.  Meanwhile, the local Ock River volunteers had taken down a number of trees that needed logging and stacking which Robert only too willingly dealt with. The Himalayan Balsam was a different matter!

There were clumps of Balsam in amongst a sea of nettles, which we had to slash our way though to get to.  This was achieved but the nettles went down fighting, stinging any part of exposed wrists or even through covered legs.   Nevertheless, the gallant team cleared a large amount of the plant including around the river bank itself.

The path also need a trim in places and a litter-pick was conducted.  It is likely that much more litter remained, but was hidden by the nettles.

The rain came back towards the end of the morning, which led to the session leader making the decision to call it a day a slightly before time!
- Kevin
The Ock path looking rather overgrown

Spot the Green Gymmers!

Nettle growth on the banks of the Ock

Robert cutting up felled trees

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