Fun in the Park, 7th June 2014

Fun in the Park, the annual event held in the Abbey Fields, went ahead despite the threat of a last-minute cancellation in the event of the tempest that had been forecast.

Eleanor did a great job in organising our stall and huge thanks are also due to Sam for the loan of her gazebo. After a false start (in the rain), Andrew, Victor and Arthur managed to put the canopy on the right way round before the heavens really open for a torrential downpour (although the sky didn't 'rain potatoes'), which meant everything stayed relatively dry! (I really can't tell you how grateful we were, Sam!) Luckily, the skies then brightened and the sun finally came out, not long after the official opening time and after the steam dissipated, the visitors came in droves!

We sold lots of Green Gym marmalade (here's to the Marmaladies!) and Eleanor's lovely lemon curd and chutney. The Treasure Hunt went down very well too. Jelly babies soon soothed away the sulks from the losers, whether they were 6 or 66!! But we had quite a few winners this year (one lady had five goes for £1, won £1 then had another five goes and won again!), which dented out profits - a mixed blessing as we were happy they'd won! We raised £34.37, which was down on last year, but given the unpromising start and the dismal weather forecast, I think we did rather well! Although I must admit, I am a little puzzled as to how we managed to raise an odd 17p!

Drawn by the Green Gym banner and our swanky display board, our new leaflets, designed by Margaret, also attracted lots of takers and we managed to hand out a number of our new programme too (thanks to Eleanor and Ursula for putting that together), so we'll see if our numbers swell. We took Ursula's advice and did not bother asking people to sign up to register their interest, saving hours of trying to decipher spider's crawl.

It was good to see Marjorie at the Friends of Radley Lakes' stall with their tombola. Lesley had a smashing time throwing cricket balls at some crockery for two boys from John Mason School who were raising money for a volunteering trip to Malaysia to help build a school or be involved in another worthwhile project there, and I think we all enjoyed sampling the various culinary delights on offer at the other stalls! General entertainment was provided by Morris dancers, Irish dancers and the Abingdon Community Choir and for those wanting something physical - there were martial arts, rugby and a climbing wall (maybe next year, eh Arthur?!).

And to cap it all,we were all delighted to see James and Ursula, who were able to come and visit us, after James's hospital appointment that morning.

Many thanks to everyone who came and helped and especially to Eleanor for putting it all together for us.

There is an additional account of the event featuring our stall on the Abingdon Blog HERE

The Green Gym stall under the gazebo

Green Gym Chutney, Lemon Curd and Marmalade for sale

The Green Gym displays and information

Abingdon's Mayor, Angela Lawrence, tries her luck on the Treasure Hunt game


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