Sunday, March 2, 2014

Abbey Fishponds, 1st March 2014

The first of the year's sessions at Abbey Fishponds and business as usual.  Assembling at the top of Hadland Road, we took instruction from site warden, Marjorie White, before transporting our tools to the mound and dividing up into sub groups.

As usual, there was the woodchip path to maintain, as well as some brambles to be removed and some fallen trees that required cutting up.  

The morning started off with fairly chilly temperatures and a frost on the ground, but once the sun appeared and work began, it felt much warmer.  Many of us soon regretting having wrapped-up with so many layers!  

The ongoing maintenance of the path was again a fairly strenuous undertaking, with large piles of woodchip having been delivered at either end of the reserve.  With the recent heavy rain, there were many soggy patches to fill in, thus requiring much shoveling and wheelbarrowing of the woodchips.  Four wheelbarrows along with Colin and his cart were deployed to distribute the material for a team of rakers to sculpt into the finished path.

Meanwhile, the bramble-bashers and tree workers kept themselves thoroughly busy until the close of play.  Another successful session!

Wheelbarrow, shovel and large pile of woodchip

Wheelbarrow team

Victor and Kevin with wheelbarrows

Robert and Eleanor removing a fallen tree

Break time on the mound

Sally with wheelbarrow, Colin and Enid raking in the background

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