Monday, August 19, 2013

Mill Road, Marcham, August 17th 2013

This session saw us at Manor Farm, Marcham for the third time this Summer. There were thirteen of us and we were very pleased to welcome two new members, mother and daughter, who we hope will become regular Green Gymmers.

The weather was grey and blustery, a complete contrast to our last session here, when the temperature had reached 30 degrees, but fortunately the rain held off. There is so much Himalayan Balsam here that we would need to be working every day for several weeks to get rid of it all. Fortunately the ditch we had worked hard on this year and in previous years was almost clear with only a few remaining plants to be pulled up.

We mainly worked on the banks of the stream which runs into the Ock. Seeds that get into the water are carried downstream to Abingdon and on into the Thames. The plants had grown very tall and were forming seed pods, but luckily few of them were ripe enough to pop and release their seeds.

We had our tea break in the relative luxury of a barn with a picnic table and chairs before continuing with our task. This was the last time we would be here until next Summer.

tea break

more tea being consumed...

Carolyn in the ditch

Ursula on the bank of the stream

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