Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mill Road, Marcham, 13th July 2013

Thirteen of us assembled in the yard at Manor Farm on what was to be the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures climbing towards 28 degrees. We set off towards the field with the ponies and horse, where there had been so much Himalayan Balsam before. We found that the owner had strimmed it so Laura and Victor, who are horse-friendly, stayed to pull up what remained and James and Margaret went on the other side of the fence to the bank of the stream where there was still plenty. It will be interesting to see whether the strimming stimulates the balsam into new and more vigorous growth.

The rest of us set off along the stream to where it bends to the right and runs along behind the farm. There was plenty of balsam along the banks and even more on the opposite bank. the bottom of the stream was muddy and looked too deep for wellies, but eventually we found a shallower spot with a gravel bottom where we were able to get across.

We returned to the welcome shade of the barn for our rather long tea break and eventually returned to work. We were pleased to see that the ditch which had been so full of balsam up until two years ago had far less and the remaining plants were easily cleared. Although we had found quite shady places to work, we were glad to finish at 12.30 and go home to cool off.

Margaret on the banks of the stream

Victor and Laura in the pony field

James at work in the stream

Enid and Barry, well camouflaged on the opposite bank


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