Monday, March 25, 2013

Southern Town Park, 23rd March 2013

Eight brave Green Gymmers turned up at Southern Town Park in driving snow. The western side we had intended to work on was partially flooded so we continued with bramble cutting in the areas on the Peep o Day Lane side, a task we had started in some sessions before Christmas.

Some people ranged all over the park picking up litter, of which there was plenty.

It was bitterly cold and by 11 o'clock we decided we had had enough as there was no let up in the snow. We had considered going for a walk around the Stonehill House grounds, where we plan to work at a later date, but we decided to leave this until the weather improved.

Please note that there is no Green Gym session next week (Easter Saturday) and that the new programme for the post-Easter period will be published soon - watch this space!

Kevin and Victor cutting back brambles

Robert piling up brambles

Ursula litter picking

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