Thursday, November 1, 2012

Southern Town Park, 27th October 2012

This Saturday's session was in Southern Town Park, slashing the intractable brambles in the wooded areas on the eastern side by Peep o Day Lane. The day was fine and bright but very cold, the temperature having plummeted overnight.

There was a good turn out, however, and we made our way across the rugby pitches towards the stile, only to find it had become very wobbly since our last visit and didn't seem to be attached to anything at all. We set to work cutting and slashing the brambles and there was plenty of litter to be picked up too.

At tea break time, we had a nice surprise when Samantha arrived to pay us a visit with her baby, Charlotte. It just shows what Green Gym can do in terms of promoting health and well being! We set to work again attacking the brambles and pitchforking them to the roadside for collection along with several bags of rubbish and recycling. We had managed to make inroads into the brambles but there will be plenty more to tackle on our next visit.


pitchforking vegetation

Samantha and Charlotte

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