Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frilford Heath SSSI, 28th July 2012

As mentioned in the last blog, we decided to have another session pulling up Himalayan Balsam at Frilford as the Town end of the Ock is practically clear of it this year.

The wood had dried out considerably since our joint session with Sonning Common two weeks previously and the weather was very much better, so head protection was needed against midge attack rather than rain. This time there were only 8 of us, but we got a lot done. A large central section of the wood is clear of Himalayan Balsam now. Much of it is coming in to bloom now and when the seed pods are ripe they explode when touched, each one scattering its seeds up to 7 metres.

Himalayan Balsam pulling is somewhat addictive, but we had to be strong minded and finish at 12.30. We probably won't be back here until next year, when we will find out how much progress we have made.

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