Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ock Valley Walk, Tesco end, 23rd June 2012

Saturday brought blustery, yet much drier weather than of late for the green gym's second visit of the year to the Tesco end of the Ock Valley Walk.  Back at our last session here in March, it was uncommonly warm and sunny, but with much less vegetation growth around the edges of the path and the river. 

Upon arrival, the group split into three main work parties.  One cutting back overgrown tree branches and vegetation, another removing Himalayan Balsam while a third tackled the litter picking, including salvaging two Tesco's trolleys from the river itself.

Good progress was made on all fronts and as usual we left the area looking somewhat nicer than when we arrived.  Another job well done.

Andrew litter picks amongst the nettles

Tea break announcements!

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