Cothill Fen, 19th May 2012

We were asked by Natural England to return to Cothill Fen to do some work there, so the venue was different from that on the programme.

Under the direction of Graham from Natural England, our task was to rake up the reeds that had already been cut and put them in piles round the edge of the fen and to bend the young reeds in order to supress their growth.

Graham told us that we need to discourage the growth of too many reeds so that fenland wild plants are given a chance to grow.

Marsh valerian is growing there, as well as lady's smock. We saw several interesting spiders, a number of young frogs, and on our way out we spotted a slow worm.

We hope to return there during the next programme.

Kevin raking some cut reeds
Graham stacking the reeds


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