Abingdon Green Gym Christmas Walk, Saturday 19th December, 2021

This blog post was written by Abingdon Green Gym Chair, Kevin Thorne:

Not quite the same as the Christmas lunch, but we did start off in the same place at Cothill Fen, meeting over the road from the Merry Miller Pub (which we frequent for our usual Christmas meal).

Ten members attended the walk, and the first thing to do was decide on the route.  After a short discussion someone had a vague idea, with the help of google maps, of a circular walk. 

Setting off, we passed the Fen. We have worked on the Fen over the last couple of years to improve the quality of the water by making dams of the cut reeds to filter out the nitrates that run off the farmers fields, and after surveying our work we continued on further into the woods that surround it.

After about an hour, by luck we came across an ideal spot to enjoy home made mince pies and home cooked biscuits! There were some nice big planks to sit on nicely located next to a pond, where we were lucking enough to see a Kingfisher hunting for his lunch.  

Despite the short disturbance of gun fire from local shoot nearby (who conveniently stopped and we watched them depart in their vehicles loaded with braces of pheasants, beaters, and dogs to the next Drive) it was a most pleasant spot for a rest.

Thankfully we had done the biggest part of the walk before coffee brake, making the final leg easier to do back to the cars. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night! We hope that you have enjoyed our blogs this year, and we look forward to writing many more of them in the year to come! 

Green Gym members enjoy a Christmas Treat! 


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