Friday, April 10, 2020

More tales from Kevin's pond

Hi, once again I have donned my snorkel, mask and flippers to explore the vast underwater wilderness, or maybe just put my waterproof camera into our pond to see what I could find.
Well, the tadpoles have now left the hatchery and are spreading across the pond. As you can see the juveniles are hanging around in the sun (as youths do) on a lily pad.

Also have seen a couple of newts, one of which posed long enough for me to take it's picture, I don't which kind he is, more than likely a common one or maybe not, perhaps someone could enlighten us?

Could do with some more rain water for the pond is starting to dry out, as well as Jim drinking it! The water butts are empty and I don't like to use tap water because (a) its a waste of good clean Thames water (not directly from the Thames or is it?) and (b) I have it on good authority from Rob Dayala that the chemicals added for treatment causes algae to cloud the water. 

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