Updates from Victor, Andrew and Joanna and James

Our first update today comes from Victor, who is at home in Madrid:

Although I'm working from home, we are spending lots of time together learning to paint, cooking, playing guitar (well, we are 3 and 0 years old,... so you can imagine what we are learning :)),...

For me it's the first time going through something similar and it's being a very weird time. And it's very nice to keep connected with the people you love. This is why I wanted to contribute with some words (that hopefully you can understand ;))

Furthermore we though you were the best people to ask for advice. During this lockdown time, we've been trying to figure it out what we are doing wrong with our plants but we have not been able to understand it so maybe you can help us with some advice.

I will show you two pictures one from my artists in action and the other from the Spanish "green gymmers" trying to solve our problem.

See you!

Meanwhile, Andrew and Joanna have been out for their daily exercise in Abingdon, taking in Green Gym work sites at the town end Ock Valley Walk yesterday and then down to Southern Town Park today, including a look to see how our wildflower patch is faring. We returned home to a delicious vegan supper, cooked by Joanna's daughter Gertie, who is staying with us at the moment after having to finish university early.

Andrew and Joanna along the Ock Valley Walk.

Our Southern Town Park wildflower patch.

Gertie and Joanna.

Finally for today, James has made a couple of contributions:

It’s not just us humans that are having a hard time at the moment. I managed to photograph one of our local pigeons on our fence this morning. Doesn't look too happy does he?

Also, he sent a Green Gym-themed joke to share:

A Green Gymmer from Essex visits one of our sites near Abingdon.  The Essex Gymmer asks ‘How big is the site you look after?” to which the Abingdon Gymmer replies “Can you see those trees over there ? That’s the boundary of this site. It’s our biggest one”

The Essex Gymmer  responded “Wow. It takes me three days to drive around  the boundary  of our largest site”

The Abingdon Gymmer said “ Hmmm. I had a car like that once”


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