Updates from some of our members during the lockdown...

Hello Folks

Who’da thought it?  A Saturday morning without loppers or bowsaws, and not wearing our eye-catching green T-Shirts and fleeces. I suppose we could always wear them around the house and eat biscuits at 11.00 but it would not be the same would it?

It looks like Green Gym sessions will be off the agenda for some time although, as far as I am aware, the Prime Minister has not specifically told Green Gym to close the shop and put our loppers into cold storage. So, what do we do to keep ourselves moderately green until that nasty Mr Coron O’Virus departs our shores?

We thought that some sharing of ideas and tips among the Gymmers might be useful and it would enable us to keep in touch with each other, hence this idea of using the blog for the purpose. Apart from news and tips, we could use this for sharing photos, poems, and making comments and asking questions for example.  We hope that you like the idea, and that you will submit your own contributions so that we can update the blog on a regular basis such as weekly.

Ursula and I both being over 70 (although you will no doubt find that hard to believe!) are in one of the risk categories. We are therefore following government advice as far as possible and more or less self-isolating, only going out for the occasional shop at the Coop and for brisk walks. This means that we have to find things to do around the house for weeks, perhaps months.

Some tidying and redecoration is on the agenda but this will not be enough to see us through more than a couple of weeks or so. We need something else. Ursula will increase the time she spends learning to play the classical guitar and I will be dabbling with some oilpaints and do a bit of writing.

What about you?  Some of you will be continuing to work or study but others will be like us – self isolating.  What will you be doing? We’d love to know and you may have tips and suggestions that others of us had not thought of and would welcome.

We will consult with you later to see if you would like some additional platform for communications between us but for now we will just use the blog.

Andrew has agreed to compile the contributions onto the blog, so do send your contributions to him at his email address.

Clematis Alpina Blue Dancer - a lovely early flowering clematis.

Save me from the destructive Green Gymmer!

Meanwhile, an update from Margaret...

I’ve been green gyming at home today, outside in the lovely sunshine topping up on exercise and vitamin D.
The lawn is in need of a lot of tlc with all this rain we’ve had, but cutting today has been step one 😊

Hope all you green gym-ers also have opportunities to get into the sunshine and have a little relaxation outdoors in nature.
Best wishes,


And finally some inspiring words provided by Sally (poem by Kitty O'Meara):


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