Updates from Rosie, Margaret, Kevin and Eleanor

A few more contributions from Green Gym members on what would usually be our work day:

How's everyone doing? Saturday morning does not seem right without you and for some ridiculous reason I set my alarm this morning, never do that on a Saturday but most of this week I haven't had a clue which day it is!

Anyway I've learnt new skills this week, had to download and connect for a meeting on Zoom, are you impressed?  Quite a challenge for me but it was great to see friends and have a good natter. I'm sure lots of you have been doing things like that.

Now my kids are wanting to use the Houseparty App!... how easily we can all be connected these day, it's wonderful particularly for those of us living alone.

These are photos of the care home where I work and have been this week. So far we have managed to keep our 'family' there safe but a number of staff are off, including my jobshare, so I will be at Framland extra hours over the next two weeks at least. It's useful to us that the uni & schools are closed because we have several young people on  bank staff who are coming in to help with housekeeping and kitchen work.

I only have one tree in my garden and have enjoyed watching the blossom breaking out over the last few days sunny days, every year I wait with bated breath to see if I may be going to have a plum harvest in August!

Finally a picture from my front garden of the flower I have taught my granddaughters to call Please Don't Forget Me!

Take care of yourselves, speak soon.


The plum tree with blossom.

The 'please don't forget me' flowers!

Inspired by an afternoon zoom chat appointment with Sally, I decided to see if I had the ingredients available to bake a cake.

Turning out self raising flour, some sugar from eons ago (I rarely buy sugar), baking powder, and eggs,  I thought - yep I could make a cake with that, now what flavour- well I have lemons, and an orange, let’s have a go.

So this morning I set about it and while I was already in the kitchen with the oven on thought I would make some cheese scones to boot.

Roll on a couple of hours and they’re baked and I’ve had a slice with a cup of tea whilst chatting to Sally on zoom. All is well 😊

The frogs have been busy over the last couple of weeks in our pond, I will pass on any progress in the hatchery as they develop.

And finally an update from Eleanor, including a joke (presumably devised before Prince Charles developed Covid-19 and when hospital visits were still possible!):

Sorry I haven’t contributed anything to the blog so far. I’m not being creative/reading “War and Peace” (actually, I’ve read it.)/painting water colours/learning Mandarin. I’ve been looking after my 3 year old grandson while my son and daughter-in-law work from home i.e.here in Abingdon. I end the day totally exhausted, but with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the exploits of Peppa Pig.

Anyway, here is a joke:

Prince Charles goes to visit a hospital in Glasgow. He approaches a bed and speaks to a patient, “What do you do?”
The patient replies, “Fair fa’ yer honest, sonsie face, great chieftain of the pudden race”
Unable to understand a word, the prince smiles stiffly and moves on to the next bed.
“How long have you been here?”
The patient replies,” Some hae meat and cannae eat and some wad eat that want it.”
Again, the prince is totally flummoxed and moves on to the next bed.
“How is your recovery progressing?”
The patient replies, “Wee sleekit, cowering, timorous beastie, Oh what a panic in thy breastie.”
Utterly bemused, the prince turns to the doctor and asks, “Is this a psychiatric ward?”
“No sir”, replies the doctor. It’s a Serious Burns Unit”. 


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