Further tales from isolation...

Today we have updates from Dieuwke and Kevin:

Yesterday we were joined by our neighbours on both sides for a cuppa at the bottom of the garden. We were able to chat across the fence & watch the two little girls next door (4 and 1) play in the sunshine. They had such fun - it was lovely. Our other neighbour is building a workshop on his side of the fence and we were able to admire that. We are so lucky a)to have a garden b)to have brilliant neighbours.

I have been told by the Cinnamon trust that I am now a key worker! I apparently qualify for this because I am a volunteer dog-walker for an elderly, housebound couple. My walks with the dog do not count towards my once-a-day exercise allowance. (so any of you might consider volunteering?).

Normally we would write a letter to the Times confirming  the first sighting of spring hedgehogs!

We have been feeding them, they scoff a saucer full of hedgehog food each night.


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