Southern Town Park, 19th March 2016

There were two main tasks to be done in Southern Town Park - clearing brambles on the western side of the park, where we hadn't been for over a year, and litter picking. When we arrived, we found there was also a fallen tree in the wooded area, which looked as if it had been partially burnt. There is a great deal of littering as well as fly tipping and sometimes vandalism in this area, which is a shame as it provides varied wildlife habitats as well as walking and leisure for local people.

Fortunately there were fourteen Green Gymmers to tackle the work. Several of us set to work on the brambles, others on the litter picking. Kevin and Robert went to saw up the fallen tree and stack the branches. Among the fly tipped items were a bicycle frame, a grill pan and a can of petrol, which had no doubt been used for a spot of arson.

We were glad of our tea break and had the relative luxury of a picnic table and some cake. No ginger nuts, though. It appears that the ginger nut factory in Cumbria, devastated by the winter floods, is still not back up and running. By the end of the session  we had some satisfactory piles of brambles, a number of bags of litter and recycling and the tree trunk and branches had been sawn up and stacked. Colin piled the bags on his trolley to take to the collection point on the other side of the park and we made our way across the playing field to the car park.

Michelle keeps busy

Tackling the brambles

Carolyn with pitchfork

Robert and Colin start work on the fallen tree

Petra clears litter in the wood

Tea break with picnic table

Colin with his trolley load

Habitat piles from the fallen branches


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