Sunday, January 13, 2013

AGM,12th January 2013

Abingdon Green Gym reconvened after the Christmas/New Year break for the Annual General Meeting 2013 at James and Ursula's house.  An impressive turn-out of around 20 members, comprising all of our regular group, attended to discuss a variety of issues including a retrospective on the past twelve months, a discussion on the contents of the forthcoming programme, the purchase of new tools and training requirements.

The meeting itself, chaired by James, proved to be very constructive, with many decisions made and some lively debate over its approximately two-hour duration.

Following the meeting, a buffet lunch was enjoyed, with delicious food provided by the majority of the attendees.  Eleanor's meringues were once again a particular highlight.

The first programme for the new year will be uploaded soon, after the details of all the sessions have been finalised.  However, it is possible to confirm that the first session of the year will be held at Frilford golf course - a new site for us.  Anyone planning to make it should note that it is necessary to meet at 9:30am sharp on Saturday 19th since we are at a new venue and it may be difficult to locate us one we are shown to the work site.  Details on how to get there will follow soon...


James chairing the meeting

Lauren at the buffet!

Eleanor's show-stopping merigues!
mulled wine
due to a strict admissions policy, not everyone was permitted entry!

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