Monday, December 10, 2012

Abbey Fishponds, 8th December 2012

Ten Green Gymmers turned up to help with tasks at Abbey Fishponds. It was a bright, sunny morning and just a little warmer than in recent days.

There was a variety of things to be done: cutting back vegetation along the north eastern boundary path, sawing up a fallen tree, reed raking after Marjorie had strimmed the reeds, litter picking and laying woodchip along the main path.

The ground was very boggy after the heavy rain of two weeks ago so a lot of woodchip was needed and it had to be fetched quite a long way, from near the Radley Road gate. For this, we were very glad of Colin's trolley, with Victor, who has recently joined Green Gym, helping to shovel the woodchip and Sally raking it out. Dieuwke and later Eleanor raked up the cut reeds and piled them up out of sight of the main path.

Next week will be our last session of 2012 and we look forward to a session at Cothill Fen and a celebration meal at the pub afterwards.

Victor and Colin transporting woodchip
Victor, Colin and Sally working on the woodchip path
Dieuwke raking reeds

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