Ock Valley Walk, Town end, 14th April 2012

Two reports for this session:

Today's session was at the town end of the Ock Walk, the main task being to put new, stronger and taller stakes and tree guards on the trees we had planted in January 2011 in the area enclosed by the woodchip path and the main path. Three of us went in the direction of Drayton Road to clear up litter. We were lucky to find the Ock Valley Flood Group clearing large items from the river bed and they were able to take the more bulky items, such as bits of bike and shopping baskets.

The rest of the group put the new tree guards and stakes on the young trees. They succeeded in finding 36 of the original 50 trees still standing, consisting of oak, beech, silver birch, cherry and rowan. Since the attendance was good, the work was completed in record time.


The plan was to improve the chances of the 40 plus young saplings/trees that were planted last year, by clearing the area and putting bigger protective supports around them. Not to forget the forever needed litter picking.
The weather was cloudy with a cold wind. The locating of the surviving trees was made easier to spot as they had the original cane and plastic supports and the surrounding vegetation had not sufficiently grown to hide them. Consequently the new substantial supports posts and plastic protection will give the odd 37 trees that had survived a good chance of maturing.
Eleanor lead a team to the Drayton road end for litter picking and liaison with the Flood group of some larger items dumped in the river that had to be disposed of.
Carolyn made an Australian Lumberjack cake for her birthday which was much appreciated at coffee time!


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